Consultant Homeopath

M.H.M.D.S.; D.HT (U.S.A); P.G.H. (U.S.A; Glasgow; London; Germany; Paris; Switzerland) Corresponding Member, Faculty of Homoeopathy, London.

Following the foot steps of Hahnemann, Kent, Nash, Boenninghausen and William Griggs, Dr. P.S. Krishnamurty has done work of inestimable value in homoeopathy which will inspire many generations to come. He was born in Andhra Pradesh on 13th October 1927.

Some of the teachers of Dr. Krishnamurty include Dr. Pierre Schmidt, Dr. Margaret Blackie, Dr. Elizabeth Hubbard, and Dr. William Griggs who edited the 3rd edition of Kent Repertory. Dr. Krishnamurty had his formal education in Homoeopathy in USA, UK, Germany, France, and Switzerland. He had intensive training in hospitalization in
Homoeopathy at Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital (London), Robert Bosch Homoeopathic Hospital (Stuttgart), St. Jacques Hospital (Paris), and Homoeopathic Hospital (Glasgow).

Dr. Krishnamurty conducted experiments and presented research papers on the treatment of Cataract, Diabetes, Osteoarthritis, Cancer, Brain Fever, Hepatitis and Flocculation Blood Test. In 1970, he added 'Cataractinum', a nosode to the Materia Medica. Besides, he conducted provings of Osteoarthritis nosode, Bowel Nosodes and Influenzinum. He also conducted animal experiments with homoeopathic medicines for Birth-Pill.

Dr. Krishnamurty has published about 2,000 scientific papers in Medical journals both in India and abroad. He gave lectures and presented papers in USA, UK, Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland. He taught at the Madras Homoeopathic Medical College (Madras), Homoeopathic Medical College (Rajahmundry), D.N. Deo Homoeopathic Medical College (Calcutta) and Medwin Hospitals (Hyderabad).

Dr. Krishnamurty was awarded several honours for his work in Homoeopathy. He received an award from Dr. Wilmer Schwabe of Germany for his work on Cataract treatment (1969). The Faculty of Homoeopathy of London conferred on him Faculty Membership for his valuable contribution to Homoeopathy (1973) and, Dr. N.C. Chakravarthy Memorial Trust Committee conferred on him The National Award in Homoeopathy for his research work (1997).