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Consultant Homeopath

Homoeopathy at Its Best. The book was adjudged the "Best book for study and practice in Homoeopathy" by the International Homoeopathy Research Foundation, Germany which is chaired by the renowned Dr. K. H. Gypser.

Applied Organon. First of its kind book where principles of homoeopathy are applied in practice through case studies and the before-after scenarios are documented and described. It is unlike the theoretical commentaries in homoeopathy.

Under Print:

1. Repertory for Nosodes. First of its kind book where Allen's nosodes are brought into repertory on Kent's format. This is accomplished out of knowledge resulting from 55 years of practice and teaching in homoeopathy.
2. Lesser Writings. The roots of Homoeopathy spread far and wide and deep through the writings and commentaries by stalwarts on the theories of Hahnemann, the founder of homoeopathy. In this book the author explains – Lesser Writings – some of the original works of Hahnemann which were not reviewed or analysed before.

Translation. Contributed to the English language translation of the French Organon written by Dr. Pierre Schmidt. Dr Schmidt is the 21st century stalwart in homoeopathy from Geneva.

• Published several papers and articles in various medical journals, souvenirs, and news papers. He has authored and co-authored (with students and fellow researchers) more than 2,000 publications spanning over 60 years of practice and research in homoeopathy.