Research Experience
Consultant Homeopath

• Dr. Krishnamurty carried out experimental research:

1. Oral Birth Pill, India, 1963. The Homoeopathic birth pill research was conducted on rabbits as an animal experimentation with gratifying results and the paper was published in Hahnemannian Gleanings.

2. Cataract, Germany 1969. Results were submitted to Homoeopathic Medical Association, Stuttgart. The paper was published in Hahnemannian Gleanings and is re-printed in the book, 'Homoeopathy at Its Best'.

3. Diabetes, Geneva, 1970. It was about estimating the effects of oral homoeopathic anti-diabetics on blood sugar levels, for the International Research Council, Geneva.

4. Osteoarthritis nosode (OAN), 1972. It was proved and clinically verified under the aegis of British Homoeopathic Medical Association.

5. Cancer, Switzerland, 1973. Clinical treatment of cancer cases were done with homoeo medicines under the aegis of Lukas Klinik, Arlie Shein, Basel, Switzerland.

6. Epidemic Hepatitis, AP, 1980. There was an epidemic breakout of jaundice in Andhra Pradesh where homoeopathic medicines were supplied as prevention. For 6 months no cases were reported from these centers.

7. Epidemic meningitis fever, AP, 1982. Preventive treatment for Brain Fever was done in a few towns in the Andhra Pradesh. In those centers no cases were reported during the epidemic breakout.

8. Flocculation Test, USA, 1980. Flocculation test as a therapeutic use for the selection of homoeopathic medicines was done under the aegis of the International Homoeopathic Association.

• Influenza, Andhra Pradesh, 1980 & 82. Clinical usage of Influenzinum nosode was studied in epidemic regions of Andhra Pradesh and gratifying results were obtained.

• Bowel nosodes, India, 1980. Bowel nosodes experiments were done for chronic diseases with gratifying results, which was later published in Hahnemannian Gleanings.