Social Work and Organizational Experience
Consultant Homeopath

• Ex-Member, Board of Indian Medicine, Government of Andhra Pradesh, for 10 years.

• Former Editor: The Homoeopathic Bulletin, Calcutta (The oldest medical journal in India) for 10 years.

• Dr. Krishnamurty has contributed to the development of the Homoeopathic discipline in organizational terms throughout his career.

• His organizational achievements include:
1. The All India Homoeopathic Conferences at Rajahmundry in 1956 and of Hyderabad in 1969.
2. Joint Secretary of the All India Homoeopathic Medical Association, 1955-56.

• Dr. Krishnamurty's contribution to social uplift continues even today. A third of his practice is dedicated to providing free medical treatment in various forms to deserving patients all over the country.

• Dr. Krishnamurty in his younger days was involved in organizing relief operations and works. The most notable are his role as
1. Chief organizer of Ramakrishna Mission Rayalaseema Famine Relief in 1952 – Ramakrishna Mission Flood Relief, Rajahmundry in 1953
2. Camps for early detection and treatment of cancer in Maharashtra and Karnataka (1989-90).

• Dr. Krishnamurty also had the unique opportunity of extending the boundaries and scope of homoeopathic practice by enabling allopathic doctors to study and practice homoeopathy under the aegis of Post Graduate Study Center in Homoeopathy, Medwin Hospitals in collaboration with the Royal Homoeopathy College of London.